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Retirement Income Style Awareness Survey

We are very excited to rollout the new RISA® Survey to our energy industry friends!  One of the creators of the RISA® is retirement guru Wade Pfau. Among many industry accolades, Wade is the author of the famously well reviewed Retirement Planning Guidebook available for sale on Amazon.

Josh was so impressed with Wade's book that he began corresponding with Wade and his team to see how he could apply some of those customized retirement principles with his clients.  That's how we were able to assist with testing the newly developed RISA® Survey and become one of the first advisor teams to provide it for our clients.

What is the RISA®?

The RISA is a cutting edge questionnaire (for those within 5 years of starting, or already in retirement) that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  It is designed to help you uncover your preferences for retirement income.  Your answers to the research-backed questions produce a RISA® report that helps you understand how you’ll be most comfortable funding your retirement.

Our team will be able to identify which “style” matches best to your preferences and how that can translate into a personalized retirement income strategy.

The RISA® produces a clear set of results defining what matters the most to you.  This will help you and your advisor plan a strategy that fits your true preferences and ensures a retirement plan fit.

Understanding your style from the start can save time and money.  Otherwise, adopting a strategy that fails to align with your preferences can lead to a plan that is poorly implemented throughout retirement.

The RISA Survey costs $29.95 online but we've worked with Wade Pfau to license it and provide it to our guests without charge. We simply ask for an email so we can send you the results along with our explanation in plain language.

Many people find our approach to retirement planning easier to understand and more flexible than what the industry currently provides.  The future holds more peace of mind when your plan is based on your preferences from the start.

That being said, you are more than welcome to take your results and implement them yourself or talk them over with your current advisor.  Regardless of how you move forward, we are confident you will find the survey well worth 15 minutes of your time.

The survey is best formatted for your laptop/desktop.

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